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If you're interested in group classes or tutoring just fill out the form below. For anything else, shoot us an email at

Our admissions are super simple:

  • You contact us and let us know a bit about you.
  • We book a 30-minute call to talk about your interests and get an idea of which classes would work for you.
  • You start!

On the fence? Here's some things our clients have said about us:

Frank is an excellent teacher, with a a great sense of humor that makes the learning of difficult concepts enjoyable. I've been delighted with the progress I've made since I started working with him. Frank's services are well worth it.
Reaching out to Frank at Milk Tea Tech has been the single most beneficial resource for me while learning to code. I have found it extremely valuable to have access to a real industry professional like Frank, who is always able to answer any questions I have and explain difficult concepts to me, in a friendly and easy to understand manner.
If you're looking to up your software engineering skills or heck, even learn a new skill, I can't recommend Milk Tea Tech enough. Been taking classes with Frank to not only be a better & smarter developer, but also be able to bring any random vision I have to life.

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