Hello World! Devlog #0

Welcome to The Devlog @ Milk Tea Tech. This is a new site for sharing both company-relevant information and course content. All you need to do to access our course content (that we've published so far) is sign up for an account. Any blogs and other posts will be totally free.

Why We're Publishing Course Content

I'm a big believer that information wants to be free. This is both because of being more and more involved with the FOSS movement over time, and because I'm a self-taught programmer from a fairly underprivileged background.

At Milk Tea Tech we don't think the value we create comes from keeping our content a secret - we think it comes from the personal relationships we form with our clients and with our community, and from using our expertise to help guide and shape individual clients' journeys.

To be honest, it's not that hard for people who want to learn to program to find good resources on the web - this is how I learned to code, and how a lot of other people have learned. With tools like ChatGPT making it even easier to find good information online, the content itself is going to become less and less valuable, and the way we frame, present and teach it will become more important.

Current Plans

In the coming months we'll be migrating most of our course content from Google Slides to the Courses section of this blog. All you have to do to access all our content is subscribe.

We also plan on publishing quarterly reports (the kind of thing you'd show shareholders at a big corporation) and exercising a policy of radical openness in relation to our business operations. Of course, we won't share everything - a lot of business data is sensitive - but we'll try our best to keep you all updated on at least the headlines of how it's going.

We're looking forward to having you all join us on this journey.

All the best!
Frank, Director @ Milk Tea Tech

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