It's Happening! Devlog #1

It's Happening! Devlog #1
Photo by Rendy Novantino / Unsplash

Hey there! Just to let you know, we have a ton of exciting stuff coming up in the next few weeks. 😊

On 5th May we're hosting the Boba Design Jam over on our Discord, with some prizes including tutoring hours! Head over to the page to sign up and our Discord to join or vote.

We're also launching a referrals program! If you're an existing client and you refer someone who signs up, you'll both get $50 of credit on future classes.  Here's the link if you want to refer someone. We're also launching real cash payments (!) for referring new people to us - if you're an influencer or just want to make some spare money for boba, feel free to get in touch.

We're starting to share meetups that we know about. If you organise a meetup or just have one you enjoy and want to share, then you can email us at, or sign up to our Discord and just post about it and we'll add it to the page.

Finally, this month we've been working on moving content over to this blog. We're doing this on a rolling basis - as we do classes on topics with existing clients, they'll be moved over.

Hope to see you soon!
Frank, Director @ Milk Tea Tech

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